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Fopé hits back with R&B hit 'What A Feeling'

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

There is an abundance of young, vibrant and exciting music being released from the capital of England. This is due to London being the epicentre of a vast blend of different cultures and ideas and with this, comes an amazing and diverse development of subcultures. Fopé is not exempt from this notion, she is a talented and emerging singer-songwriter operating out of south west London. 

Fopé, whose unique brand of R&B has been compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Rihanna, has recently released ‘What a Feeling’ which is her first ever release as an artist. This track certainly blends a few genres of its own and gives you a lot to think about upon its first listen. From the heavily reverb-ed vocals to the soft pad sounds that give the track most of its flavour, they’re cleverly combined with a driving tropical style rhythm beat which glues the whole track together in a very pleasant way.

All of the elements of this track meld quite nicely and the songs final hue offers the listener a few minutes of solitude with their own thoughts. It’s a nice timbre. There could be a more obvious and prominent bass part to the song which would give the song some more depth to an already multi-dimensional aesthetic. ‘What a Feeling’ is a laid back and easy to listen to number, with its chilled production style it’s definitely not an in your face track, whilst retaining your attention throughout. Overall this style of track compliments Fopé’s style of vocals and really holds her voice up. I’ll be excited to hear what else she has in store for her next release and perhaps she will provide us with a more hard hitting banger.


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