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dezabel returns with the captivating new single 'Tell Ya'

Following on from the huge success of his previously shared single ‘Fade Away’, Swiss producer and songwriter dezabel has now returned to share his latest uplifting anthem ‘Tell Ya’.

Poised on the brink of uncertainty, ‘Tell Ya’ is brave and chilly in its emotional reminiscing. Collaborating with singers Jazelle Paris, aka JVZEL out of L.A. and Ben Botfield from Manchester, and produced alongside Krysta Youngs (BTS, Christina Aguilera, Taeyon) and Julia Ross (BTS, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha etc), the track's achingly open female vocals finally giving a voice to years-old unspoken feelings, mirrored by an equally unsure but motivated male counterpart, building in confidence to boldly wind around one another with hopeful admissions, before finishing in a suspended close, leaving audiences to hang on an endless pregnant pause, anxious for the next chapter.

Innocent, nostalgic, and wistful, dezabel's ‘Tell Ya’ mingles its evocative lyrics with stark, cool layers, an inescapable hook, and catchy melody to deliver a brisk, clean cut charmer that's easy to get in stuck in your head, and way, way harder to get out.

Speaking about the new single, he said, In my songs I try to write about stories that happened to me and to most of us.”


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