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Dive into the cool R&B of Asha Gold's 'Passenger'

If you missed Asha Gold's first release 'Too Good', then consider this your chance to put this exciting new name on your radar before the rest of the world catch on.

The London-based singer, songwriter and skilled musician today releases her sophomore single 'Passenger', which is a dreamy-yet-crisp spin on a classic R&B style. The melodies and vocal work pay homage to the 90s, while the production is a all modern minimalism.

There's a really cool breakdown in there too, around the two-minute mark, in which Gold's voice sounds as through it's coming through a phone while the instrumental in paired down. We think that this ties into the song's theme of travel, exploration and freedom. She's speaking to us from some far away place, and to us it sounds pretty nice.


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