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Dom Malin's bold & brilliant 'Keep Out The Rain'

As a new fan of Dom Malin, I was so drawn to his recent folky track "Hurricane" and it's quickly got onto the rotation. So when I heard his newest single "Keep Out The Rain", I was eager to see where he would take his sound next. To my pleasant surprise, Dom Malin ventured into indie rock territory with this track, and the result is nothing short of thrilling.

Bursting with energy and emotion, the moment the guitar kicked in, backed by robust drums and bass, I knew I was in for a ride. The songwriter’s transition from his usual indie folk to a more vibrant indie-rock sound is both bold and brilliant. The upbeat tempo and catchy riffs immediately drew me in, and the lyrics resonated deeply, using rain as a metaphor for the challenges and protective measures in relationships. The song explores the complexities of love and communication, and the chorus encapsulates that push and pull perfectly. It’s intense yet relatable, capturing the stormy seas of emotions we all navigate in our relationships. What truly amazed me was how Dom Malin managed to retain those beloved americana undertones within this new indie-rock framework. It’s like he took the best of both worlds and blended them seamlessly. Initially recorded at home and later refined at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, the track has a live feel that adds to its anthemic quality. As someone who adored his last track , I can confidently say that I'm impressed once again.


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