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Duke & The Dry Cleaners release 'Now We're Cooking'

Duke & The Dry Cleaners are pioneering a kinetic fusion of Acid Jazz, Funk, Disco and Soul. Their latest single ‘Now We’re Cooking’ features the band’s signature jazzy riffs and grooving bass, embellished with spacey synth lines. Lead singer Oli Duke delivers self-assured lyrics that are complemented by soulful harmonies. Frequent tempo changes throughout the track grab the listener’s attention, making it impossible to deny the scintillating potential of Duke & The Dry Cleaners.

Explaining the song, frontman Oli Duke says: “This song was written after a music festival in the woods with an amazing group of people. I was trying to encapsulate that feeling of being surrounded by people you love and who you know will look out for you, and wanting to share that far and wide. It's a bit different to our other songs but I think it maintains that funky undercurrent that drives and motivates us.”

The band emerged on the London scene in 2017 with praise for their dynamic live performances, and have brought that same energy to their 2020 releases. Their debut single ‘I Want To’ received notable acclaim from blog coverage, and latest single ‘Now We’re Cooking’ fuels our hunger for more irresistibly upbeat Acid Jazz from Duke & The Dry Cleaners.

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