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‘DWM’ is the brand new single from Cody Bolan

Bursting onto the hip-hop scene earlier this year, LA based alt-rap prodigy Cody Bolan shares his final offering of the year - and he does not disappoint. The impressive track harbours bouncy synth and an effortless flow from the musical maestro himself. The record’s experimental feel sets it apart from other sounds heard in the hip-hop world right now, and carries an artistic flair that is both dynamic and feel-good. Explaining the meaning behind the track, Cody said: “This song was inspired by a night out and sometimes how you can fall so easily for someone you may not even know that well. There's something really great about that though, because all it needs to be is this one night and the experiences that come from it. Nothing is attached but your instincts.”

Listen to the single below:

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