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"Early Warning" is the angsty revelation from Paper Hands

Wouldn't it just be the thing if we took notice of those initial red flags and subtle hints? No doubt, our lives would run a much smoother course, although by the same token we wouldn't go through the difficult teaching moments. All of these thoughts came rushing forth upon listening to Paper Hands' recent single "Early Warning" for the first time. I was in no doubt that this duo were drawing from real, palpable experiences that they express through touching lyrics and an atmospheric soundtrack. The angsty nature of Jordan Campbell's vocals are particularly evocative, such as with each revelatory "oh my god", before going on to add colour to a story that feels like we're dropping into the middle of. Those angular vocalisms are wrapped in layers of deep piano chords and downtempo drums that develop from minimalistic melancholia in the verses through to the upbeat, synthy choruses showing a light at the end of the tunnel. The ultimate lesson of "Early Warning" is that sometimes giving up, letting go and moving on is the healthiest choice for your own self preservation.

“Early Warning started life as nothing but a voice note but became the catalyst for us

creating Paper Hands. As a song it is a pure and honest exploration of styles bonded

together by a signature rawness we aim to preserve. The way we write lyrics comes more

from feeling than direct story telling or anecdotal referencing and ‘Early Warning’ is not

exempt from this. This means that even to us, the songs meaning can change from time to

time depending on how you listen to it. It also leaves it open to interpretation from whoever

choses to listen to it.”


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