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Eighty Eight Miles release anthemic new single “Sexy Song”

Eighty-Eight Miles are a unique sounding collective from the Midlands. Merging old and new influences together, their sound has been lauded by fans and tastemakers alike. Their latest single "Sexy Song" is sure to leave a lasting impression. Featuring hard-hitting drums, swirling guitar lines and irresistible vocal hooks, the track provides a refreshing take on rock.

Having released their track “The Thought of Losing You” in October 2022 with label River St Records, Eighty-Eight Miles have quickly grown a loyal fanbase and amassed nearly 500 monthly listeners on Spotify. Propelling this further is the band's live show. Their chemistry on stage is one of the many reasons they are thriving in the local indie scene and landing support slots with the likes of Antarctic Monkeys, The Sheratons and Santu. With an infamous show, infectious tunes and a growing fanbase, we can see 2023 being the year for Eighty-Eight-Miles.


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