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Eli Moon unveils new EP 'Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels'

Today, South Londoner Eli Moon releases his 2nd EP ‘‘Angels Devils & Empty Vessels’ via MERIDAN. Produced by Eli and his collaborator from the Bodies EP Koala, save for ‘Phases’, which was produced by Mojam (Aitch, Bugzy Malone, Sam Smith).

The EP is a collection of songs combining classic rock star poeticism with contemporary R&B.

Moon explaines: "We begin the EP with feelings of detachment, loneliness and regret in 'Stasis', which quickly transition into desire for change. After living through two polar-opposite alter egos, the fast pace of the London nightlife and my hedonistic, irresponsible lifestyle had caught up to me. I found myself at a turning point; was I going to be consumed by the dark underbelly of the city or rise high above the temptation and allow some light into my life? That's where we reach ‘Bigger Than Us.’ As humans we search for a feeling of belonging; that feeling of being connected to something that has a higher purpose than what is imaginable. That’s something I had lost for a while, so in creating this song I was exploring the duality of good vs evil and the potential existence of God. ‘Pray’ is an expression of my perspective on society. It is me looking at human behaviour under a microscope. Having become so disgusted with myself, I wanted to work out how I had got to that point. In doing so, I was able to see how we live in a world designed for us to think that we have control, so that those in power can maintain their own control over us."


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