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Emerging rapper Jody Bigfoot delivers the new video for his latest single 'Hands'

Having already given us an idea of what we can expect from his upcoming album and feature film with a pair of enticing trailers, emerging rapper Jody Bigfoot has now dropped the new video for his next official single 'Hands'.

With production provided by Tandaro, 'Hands' sees the artist in rejuvenated spirit as he powers on through this dark and brooding hip-hop belter. Channelling a bold and captivating energy throughout, we get our first thorough look at what to expect on his forthcoming release.

Born at home to a pair of socialist vegetarians, Jody Bigfoot has always stood out from the crowd, standing at two meters tall with size 15 shoes, this is both literal and figurative!

After playing a leading role in the local anti Iraq war movement and attending the largest protest in history to no avail, he became disillusioned with conventional forms of protest. Equally fed up with mainstream education and English hedonism he spent most of his twenties traveling and working in any country he could get a visa, doing anything from packing cow hides in Australia to climbing and dismantling 250 foot trees in ancient Canadian rainforest.

Bigfoot experienced a spiritual epiphany listening to New Zealand reggae and Maori roots band Trinity Roots, which convinced him that the way forward was to spread this positivity and emotion through music. That seminal moment provided the inspiration behind the moniker of Trinity Lo Fi, a group he spearheaded alongside Zico MC spawning five albums and five EPs in a prodigious five year stint.

He was drawn to Japan as he has always loved Japanese cinematography so wanted to film there with his new camera. He spent a year (2011-12) there before later returning in Autumn 2018 to film the feature-length music video for his 12-track solo LP. Music and film combined, this would become his debut solo project 'Duszt'...

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