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Eric Ashton Spooner Releases Poetic Post-Pandemic Track "You're Kind"

In a post-pandemic world, we're all desperately reaching for connection again. Luckily for us, Eric Ashton Spooner has released a poetic, soulful single about reconnecting after a year where a lot of us felt lonely. “You’re Kind” is about connection with another soul, it’s a celebration of two souls meeting and finding friendship and love," Eric describes. "Also, it’s a reminder of how disconnected we’ve been since the pandemic and how much we need to reconnect."

Eric Ashton Spooner melodically blends his roots in gospel music with more modern elements to create the glimmering pop ballad and hopes that anyone finds strength & celebration in the track, especially as mental health is a topic at the forefront of Spooner's passions and activism and this is further exemplified on "You're Kind."

Listen to the track below!


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