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ETHO entrances with ‘Shadow’

Amalgamating a dark and exhilarating mix of techno and EBM, ETHO’S brand new single ‘Shadow’ is an absolute must-listen if you’re missing the club. Packed with pulsing beats and sparkling synths, the track’s overall subterranean feeling is undeniably seductive and tantalising.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the record, ETHO said: "I started producing ‘Shadow’ the day I got back to London from a trip to Berlin. I was sonically inspired by the dark energy and spatial atmosphere around the east of the city and warehouses. The words play around this feeling that we have a shadow self; perhaps more crude, lustful and self destructive. An encounter takes place…"

With heaps of talent and creativity up his sleeve, ETHO’s future is looking seriously bright.

Check out the track below:

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