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Etoile Marley on what inspired her upcoming EP 'LockItDown'

Of Australian/French origin, Etoile is a songwriter and artist based in London. She has previously worked as a dancer, actor and circus performer. Her music is described as dark Pop meets bluesy Rock with a unique tone and lower register in her voice often likened to that of the beautiful Sade. Etoile takes musical inspiration from artists such as Dusty Springfield, Jeff Buckley, M.I.A and Portishead and is enamoured with pop culture, surrealism and Spoken Word/Rap. Writing, co-producing and releasing her own original music whilst building her repertoire and studying full time. Her goal is to be a songwriter for other artists as well as herself.

In Etoile's own words...

"It's not hard to figure out that my upcoming EP "LockItDown" is partly inspired by being in Lockdown. One of the songs (8 billion faces) is in fact about the pandemic! But the writing of the EP was really driven by a desire to have some sort of memento of this time and has been used to experiment a little and craft my sound as a new artist. My whole musical upbringing has been very eclectic and I wanted that to reflect in my work, so the EP is a culmination of styles and genres that I am inspired by. From Jazzy Hiphop in the title track "LockItDown", to the soundscapes of "Rollercoaster" and "8 billion faces" to a trap influence on "I'll run for you", it's really an exploration of where I want to go as an artist. I don't like being categorised, in fact even if I wanted to, I seem to be incapable of fitting into one genre! Music to me is about being honest, and for me that includes immersing yourself in sounds that you feel reflect what you are trying to write about. I'm driven a lot by writing about the world around me and what moves me, whether it be negative or positive, I'm inspired by world events and family dynamics as well as love and loss, and sometimes I just like writing silly songs about coffee or sneakers! (I will turn those into proper releases I promise!). My EP "LockItDown" touches on some of those topics with 6 songs, and is a way for me to find out what resonates the most with people. As an artist I feel like every song is a type of experiment, a balance between what and how you share your interpretation of a situation/topic/emotion and how people absorb that information through music. There will be a video accompanying each song off the EP also, but the title track is the one to watch out for!"

Etoile Marley’s EP “LockItDown" Is Out Friday 30th November

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