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Exploring the Sonic Evolution of Snzae: A Review of his new Plan B EP

In the ever-shifting realm of alternative hip-hop, artists constantly strive to carve out their unique niche, offering listeners a glimpse into their personal narratives and sonic landscapes. One such artist who has been steadily making waves is snzae, whose latest EP, "Plan B," serves as a testament to his growth and artistic evolution. In discussing the meaning behind "Reset," snzae shares insights into the constant state of emptiness and renewal that he experiences, reflecting on the exhaustion and resilience inherent in this process. It's this raw honesty and vulnerability that permeates throughout "Plan B," establishing snzae as an artist whose music not only entertains but also challenges and inspires listeners to reflect on their own journeys.

Check out the focus single "Reset" above now and stream the full EP by clicking here!


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