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Falling Together releases vulnerable debut single "Without You"

Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter Falling Together, also known as Raymond Young, is poised to captivate listeners with the release of his highly anticipated debut EP. Leading the charge is the stunning single, ‘Without You’, which promises to leave a lasting impression on the music scene. Blending influences from classic legends like Elvis, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin with contemporary artists such as Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, Anson Seabra, and JP Saxe, Falling Together delivers a sound that is both timeless and modern.

‘Without You’, the lead single from his debut EP, is a vulnerable and heartbreaking piano ballad that showcases Falling Together’s evocative vocals. The song features a mesmerizing collaboration with fellow Toronto-based pop artist REIGN, whose enchanting voice beautifully complements Falling Together’s emotive delivery. From the opening notes, the track builds with an epic, almost march-like snare drum and an emotive string section, culminating in a powerful final chorus and outro.

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