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fknsyd Reveals Mixtape Taste.test As She Cements Her Solo Artist Career

If you're looking for an up-and-coming artist to add to your playlist, look no further than fknsyd. The electronic music world is a crowded and competitive space, but this talented rising star has been making waves with her rich topline and unique timbre, which is easy to recognize among a lineup of vocalists. With her debut mixtape Taste.test, fknsyd has taken a massive step towards her goal of becoming a fully autonomous solo artist. The album features nine tracks that are all part of a cohesive message, showcasing the artist's stylistic and thematic direction.

The mixtape kicks off with "New Evils," a dramatic track that highlights fknsyd's exquisite falsetto. From there, the album takes listeners on a journey through indie-pop-meets-R&B vocals and trippy, dark tracks. The slower tempo and heavy delay effects on "Molasses" create an intoxicating work of art that fits in naturally with the other songs. As the quintessential finale, "Sedation" is cinematic in nature, playing out more like the final chapter in a story. The track radiates an epic essence as the journey that is Taste.test comes to a close. Overall, fknsyd's Taste.test mixtape is a testament to her talent as a vocalist and her ability to create a cohesive and engaging album. With her sights set on becoming a fully autonomous solo artist, this rising star is definitely one to watch in the world of electronic music.


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