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Flechettes strike indie heartstrings with classic guitar anthem 'Chasing Youth'

If you too are feeling a bit glum about Lockdown 2.0 and the icy Winter weather then Wigan based four-piece Flechettes are here to provide the perfect pick me up. Their latest track ‘Chasing Youth’ is a brilliantly optimistic and catchy offering full of dynamism and energy offset against gritty northern vocals. Indeed, discussing the need to dust yourself off and embrace positivity, the song has perhaps never been so relevant.

Discussing their new single, the band’s frontman Jack explains: “This song was inspired by a situation which pushed me to choose between feeling sorry for myself, or having a laugh while I could. It's a song about realising that while things seemed difficult, I was lucky to have the friends I have, even though lyrically it doesn't present itself this way. I think the opening line ‘ever noticed how fast time goes when you're in love with life’ sums it up perfectly. It's about confronting, none of us are here forever and to enjoy every moment whilst you still can, especially whilst we're still somewhat young, which I reiterated in the chorus with the lines ‘we've not got long, so get a move on’. In summary, it's designed to pick people up and get them singing along, and hopefully, with some luck that's what they'll want to do.”

Since forming in 2019, this brilliant and vivacious young band have made quick tracks towards success. Having already booked shows all across the North they are sure to take the live scene by storm as soon as the world gets back on track and indeed, if ‘Chasing Youth’ is anything to go by, their bright and excitable brand of indie-rock is sure to catch the attention of fans quickly.


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