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flyckt Comically Expresses His Bored State

flyckt is an utterly modern artist from Sweden that blends pop melodies with big, sentimental and euphoric productions.

flyckt says “One Day and the upcoming EP is a step in a different direction. My new music sounds happier and more hopeful in a way. At least sonically. I guess I´m feeling better about myself?”

His new video, One Day, represents a humorous time of longing for hours, days and weeks to pass. It’s a knowing that things will get better, you just have to be patient. flyckt states that “One day we will make it right. One day everything will be fine. One day she will love you. One day you will love her. One day is a song about that one day.”

flyckt is an artist that grew up surrounded by his family’s equally creative journeys. His father, a world-renowned, Grammy awarded mixing engineer, threw flyckt into the studio at a young age and encouraged risk and experimentation. Due to this early musical nurture, flyckt has gone to thrive in multiple projects in the industry. flyckt was a member of the band Urban Cone that’s recognised for hits like Old School and Urban Photograph. He also flexes his production skills in the dynamic musical trio named Moodshift, that’s grown alongside fellow members Lucas Nord and Oliver Nelson. It marks another successful project for flyckt that’s garnered millions of streams on Spotify alone with singles Chemistry and What About My Love.

“In the One Day video, we aimed to capture the feeling of making time pass while waiting for the day when everything will be different. There is desperation and boredom but also hope for a change! The imagery relates to the track but also to the times we all are going through now. The obvious darkness in the not self-selected isolation turns humorous when emphasized on camera, right?” - FLYCKT

The One Day video starts with flyckt peering out of the window, seemingly eager and restless. The story continues with this playful sense of boredom that is , of course, all too relatable to many that have experienced lockdown in the past year. Dreamlike and aspirational, flyckt expresses hope that things can and will be different.


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