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FONN explores mental health struggles in glimmering debut single 'Good Light In'

Inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, The 1975 and Japanese House Devon born and London based FONN explodes onto the electro-pop scene with dreamy debut single ‘Good Light In’. The singer-songwriter utilises shimmering synths and buoyant beats to explore a kaleidoscopic soundscape that borrows elements from alt-rock, indie-folk and 80s inspired prog pop. Furthermore, lyrically FONN explores deeper, personal topics concerned with mental health and the importance of reaching out. ‘Good Light In’ is a debut that demonstrates a great deal of potential for this newcomer. Speaking about his new release, FONN explains: “This song is really about finding hope, dealing with issues of isolation and depression, and living for yourself.”

Over the past year, the global pandemic has so far prevented FONN from bringing his sound to live stages in the UK capital, but in the meantime FONN has established the YouTube series ‘live from lockdown’ which has accumulated almost 20,000 views. This in itself is evidence of FONN’s resourcefulness and resilience, a sentiment which is echoed in his new single ‘Good Light In’. Crafting a refreshing sound, we sense that the future is very bright for FONN.


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