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"FOOOD" is the spine-tingling new anthem from LA artist Jasimi

Dallas, Texas born, Los Angeles based artist Jasimi refuses to follow your typical crowd. Already gaining support from the likes of Spotify’s editorial playlists ‘New Music Friday’ and receiving over 50,000 monthly listeners, it’s safe to say that this songwriter is turning heads. Back with alternative hip-hop wonder ‘FOOOD’, there’s something for everyone to taste on within the new single. Wanting to make music that will inspire people and make people dance to, Jasimi is a glowing artist destined to find a place in your heart.

Sharing her thoughts on the sensational new single, Jasimi explains, “FOOOD is eclectic, funky, unique and sexy. It’s an embodiment of 3 different faces of woman. The fiery, the ethereal, and the humble. It’s a song about love, lust and trust. I think it’s special because it hits you at the base of your spine, the top of your head and your heart. I’ve never heard a song like it before, which I think is cool. It’s also about sex. But the kind that is nourishing like a delicious meal rather than junk food”.”

A funky offering that comes across as playful and fierce, ‘FOOOD’ is a tasty number that will stay on your playlist from here on out. Beginning with just Jasimi and her bass, the track has evolved into a powerhouse number with elements of pop and new-wave throughout. Written with her writing partner Myrlin Hepworth, the powerful duo are destined to become the go-to songwriting duo for the stars. Also working with Garrison Jones, who helped with the music and production side of the track, Jasimi is certainly in fine company on the new single.


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