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FOUNDRY13 will get you foot tapping with their single ‘Wild // Child’

Reminiscent of sounds from Grouplove, Twenty One Pilots and The Smiths, FOUNDRY13 are London based brothers who self-write and self-produce all of their glimmering indie-pop bangers. ‘Wild // Child’ is a track that will bring out the inner-kid in everyone who listens, as it delivers an array of summery, carefree vibes throughout.

Adding a sprinkling of rock and punk to their sound, FOUNDRY13 have managed to find a niche that really stands out amongst the rest.

“Usually, we love to incorporate and address heavy topics in our music such as mental health, depression, anxiety etc. but due to what we have all gone through in the last year, we felt as though keeping it light and upbeat is what people need right now. We wanted the song to represent the warfare of the youth, about how it’s best to live your life to the fullest whilst you can. This is a track which we didn’t really want to overcomplicate with high concepts and too many emotions. It's just about never wanting to leave the party, and sleeping until the sun goes down.” -FOUNDRY13

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