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Franki gets experimental on new EP ‘Rinse, repeat’

Dusting off the disco ball and getting us all ready to dance again, Franki has returned with his groovy new EP ‘Rinse, repeat’ - released today. Exuding a similar vibe to the likes of LANY and The 1975, Franki’s playful sound fuses elements of electronic and RnB-inspired pop, creating something particularly stand-out.

Each of the five tracks harbour their own individual flair, and collectively glow with authenticity and a vibrant, uplifting feel. His previously shared tracks ‘Santa Monica’ and ‘are u gonna’ were met with a warm reception upon release, gaining national airplay on BBC and 2FM. The lead track ‘Talk Again’ has a distinct retro feel to it, bathed in zesty strings and distorted, electro-style vocals.

Franki reveals: “Talk Again encapsulates a lot of what the E.P is about for me which is uncertainty in love. How easy it can be to get lost in the midst of your emotions and to go back on your decisions despite having no clear outlook on what you want. The entire E.P for me is a collection of emotions that accompany you through the journey of falling in and out of love and how draining and repetitive the process can be. I think Talk Again signifies one of the hardest parts of that journey for me, the place of complete indecision and overwhelming doubt.”

Check out the EP below:

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