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Freddie Mercer lends his voice to describe that nostalgic feeling we all had during lockdown

Today, Indie-Rock singer-songwriter Freddie Mercer releases a brand new single titled 'Place In The Sky'.

Place In The Sky is a lockdown-inspired cry of freedom:

"Will I find my place in the sky,

When I don't feel I'm even alive

But I can still hear this rhythm inside

Oh honey this fight is breaking my mind"

Raw arrangements and poetic lyricism cleverly used to describe that nostalgic feeling we all had in the past couple of years.

Freddie Mercer says: “This song manifested itself on the piano in lockdown and represents the anxiety and frustration that I was feeling at the time. It began as a Thom Yorke’esque vocal above some punchy piano chords I was hitting hard and then I then took it to my engineer/co-producer and we fleshed it out with the band in the studio; the beat came next as the backbone of the song and then the wicked sounding guitars driving alongside was ours and now it’s yours, Freddie X”

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