Gaby K releases expressive single ‘Is This Love?’

Gaby K’s new track ‘Is This Love?’ combines a chilled pop melody with warm soulful vocals, making for a dreamy, smooth sound to get lost in. Exploring the complexities and mixed emotions of love and heartbreak, the song delves into Gaby’s own personal story, and her beautiful storytelling is exceptionally powerful. Gaby K’s authenticity shines through her emotive style, and her ability to connect with the listener is undeniably inspiring.

Discussing the meaning behind the track, Gaby K said: “This song is based on my own experience, though I feel it resonates with many people. It’s all about being sucked in and infatuated by someone, but still not knowing if it’s real for them. Especially after experiencing much heartbreak, sometimes things seem too good to be true even if they aren’t and that's what this song is all about. This is a chilled pop vibe and I feel many people will be able to relate to the lyrics.”

Sutton Coldfield hailing Gaby K regularly performs around Birmingham and London and has already successfully built up a loyal local following. Her down-to-earth persona and stunning tone is one to remember, and for the remainder of 2020, she is an artist to watch out for.