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Geo Moon and Not Now Norman joining forces on a brand new studio single: My Melody

Geo Moon and Not Now Norman have recently teamed up in order to collaborate on a very special release. Their new studio single is titled “My Melody,” and it feels like a groundbreaking combination of various musical influences, including alternative dance-pop, indie-pop, and more. One of the things that really stand out about this release is the unique combination of different influences. The vocals bring a catchy pop sheen to the mix, while the beat will make you want to dance. However, there is a cool electric guitar sound that adds more rawness and energy to the mix, going for a kaleidoscopic sound.

This single is highly recommended if you are a fan of artists as diverse as Katie Perry, Corinne Crimson, Sia, or Halsey, only to mention a few. Overall, “My Melody” is a song that feels quite personal, yet it’s also catchy and insightful!

Find out more about Geo Moon and Not Now Norman, and more importantly, do not miss out on “My Melody,” which is currently available on the web!


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