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Get ready to dance to Moodbay’s new single ‘My Thing’!

Author: Greg Fairley

The elecro-pop duo, Moodbay are back with their newest single ‘My Thing’. This soon to be hit is going to soon be everyone’s thing, it is catchy and a breath of fresh air. The prominent bass throughout the track with the layered ‘Lorde like’ harmonized vocals over the verses and the chorus complement each other so well.

The vocals are serving a mood-pop and yet uplifting vibe. You can’t help but smile and dance but yet become emotionally captivated by the journey Moodbay take you on. The song takes you on a journey of self-proclaimed independence, self-discovery and being care-free. The piano solo at the bridge is a juxtaposition of the electronic bass and the angelic piano, it works so well! The arrangement of this piece is so refreshing compared to the other music out at the moment. The backing track, especially the bridge, encourages you to dance and it resonates a similar vibe and energy to that of Daft Punk, a well-crafted feel good song, which you will break the repeat button listening to!

You can hear the time is has taken to perfectly layer the backing harmonies over the vocals and the bass and it is showing in this body of work, a truly well-crafted track. From this track you can tell this electro-pop duo are going to stand the test of time as their vocal abilities and song arrangement/producing talents are finessed nicely on this track, helping prove that they are ones to watch.

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