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'Guest Room' is Alfreda's biting metaphor of young love and rejection

When I was first introduced to Alfreda's single "Guest Room", I had no idea it would leave such a profound impact on me. Intrigued by her mysterious backstory, little did I know that "Guest Room" would not only meet my expectations but shatter them in the best possible way. From the moment the piano came in, I was hooked. Alfreda's voice, rich and entrancing, swept me away into her evocative world of tantalizing storytelling. I loved the twist when a first girlfriend-boyfriend sleepover comes crashing down when Alfreda is sent to the guest room—a biting metaphor for rejection and emotional exile. It's complimented by the bluesy undertones and avant-garde pop production perfectly captured that desperate yearning for love and acceptance.I couldn't help but feel connected to Alfreda's personal story. This raw vulnerability struck a chord with me, making the song all the more powerful. I'm now a devoted fan, eagerly awaiting her debut EP, titled Mother's Makeup. Alfreda has truly carved out a unique space in the music world, and I feel fortunate to be along for the ride.

“I remembered the time I was spending the weekend with my first boyfriend's family. It would be the first time I'd spent a night with him, so I was expecting to be sharing a bed and using the time to get closer. But upon arrival, I was put in a separate room, and I took great offence. The rejection I felt was certainly disproportionate for the situation, but it taps into a deep place of neglect and a feeling of abandonment. I had a lot of emotions and wasn't sure how to control them.” - Alfreda


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