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Introducing Your New Favorite Indie-Rock Band: Sarah and The Sundays

So many friends dream of dropping everything, starting a band, and pursuing it as a career, but not many do. Luckily for us, Sarah and the Sundays did just that. Hailing from Austin, TX, the five-piece indie-rock band has garnered a devoted listener base due to their ability to make music that is both fun to listen to and makes you think about the intricate themes they weave through each track. With their new EP "Half Way Home" they do just that; pulling from what they went through and felt during quarantine and blending those concepts with jovial, unforgettable hooks.

When asked about the inspiration behind the EP, the band said: "Half Way Home" came about rather naturally, almost falling into our laps. Although the EP is only four songs, it touches on a variety of topics. From "I'm So Bored", a quite literal song about the mundanity of quarantine, to "Miss Mary", a metaphorical song about trying to quit old habits, we hope the concoction of themes gives something for every listener to relate to."

Even if they self-describe themselves as "five college dropouts, one band," we think they are doing a pretty good job at it. Listen to"Half Way Home" now!

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