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Hank Compton releases Loser EP

Released on the 29th May, the new EP ‘Loser’ from Hank Compton offers four tracks that will have you wondering what you did without them. Throwback 80s pop and classic rock influences are infused throughout, creating a nostalgic feel to Compton’s otherwise contemporary sound. Acoustic guitar, dramatic percussion, subtle synths and grooving bass weave between each other through the course of the EP, with the textures varying between each track to create a varied soundscape that is tied together by Compton’s smooth, storytelling vocals.

Discussing the release, Compton says: "These songs were written in a period of time where I was experiencing both monumental changes and stagnant comfortabilities. The way these songs were written/produced split between ethereal soundscapes and neon textures, which speaks to the part of me fantasizing escaping, while the organic “real” elements was me facing the change I couldn’t control. Overall, it’s me trying to find peace in myself, not my surroundings.

Compton’s skillful sound and musical experience belies his age; at just 20 years old, he has played a support slot for country legend Lorette Lynn, performed at renowned venues such as the Troubadour in LA and the Ryman in Nashville, and signed with Warner Chappell Music in March 2019. This Nashville native has had a glistening career so far, and new EP ‘Loser’ highlights his potential to take his craft even further.

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