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Harimau drop rousing EP 'After Everything'

Echoing the war cry of Alt-Rock royalty Muse, Portishead and Arctic Monkeys, Harimau delight through their thunderous sound and chaotic riffage. Full of bite, the rock duo are made up of singer Sinéad Storey and multi-instrumentalist John Butcher. Having only begun releasing music in 2020 the duo are relative newcomers yet their growing catalogue of releases is certainly impressive. Their latest release, the EP 'After Everything' undeniably transports their sonic prowess to the next level, demonstrating a clearer vision of their musical aspirations. With over 25,000 streams over the past year, Harimau look certain to make a success out of the current global stasis and singles them out as ones to keep an eye out for.

Discussing the record, Harimau explain: “The whole EP is structured as a story. Starlet is our introduction, meet us and get to know who we are. Demonkind is the setup, or the inciting incident. It’s filled with doubt and questions and malevolence. It triggers the confrontation, Poetry Of One, tumbling down the rabbit hole. When the final drum hit fades away we reach the resolution, After Everything. This is the blinding light of joy and hope from finding ourselves, and growing stronger. Finally to round everything off we leave you on a cliffhanger of an epilogue, in the shape of Flicker. Because we really want you to know that this is just the beginning of our journey, we have so much more to give.”

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