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Harry Daniels Aims High in his Newest Record

It's always interesting to listen to a string of latest releases from artists from all over the world in one sitting. It gives you a real sense of perspective going between all types of genre of track and allows you to analyse things in a slightly different way.

Birmingham born acoustic artist Harry Daniels has endeavoured upon a journey of releasing lots of new music already in 2020 and wow, what a fresh sound he has brought with him! Harry has been hard at work recording the track ‘Aim For The City’ at Western Audio in Swindon where producer Claire Sutton has her residency and it is fair to say she has done an excellent job.

This new song still features Harry’s signature sound and soaring vocals to pair but with a distinctly different, more rocky feel. We like it, Harry. This slightly new direction of sound that’s carried strongly through his music very much compliments Harry’s style of writing and the simple addition of the rock style drum kit gives the track a nice driving base which makes you want to tap your feet.

Compared to his previous releases this record really stands out as one of his best yet and he seems to keep getting better and better- a trajectory that I’m sure he’ll keep on climbing.


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