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Heath240 debuts the magnificent ‘Chirp’ featuring Daniel Price

Heath240 has just released his brand new single ‘Chirp’ and its accompanying visuals. The hazy single effortlessly blends elements of hip-hop and bedroom pop. Featuring Daniel Price, the single is the perfect chilled track mixing smooth vocals and slick rap bars, forging a candescent, dynamic single. The music video takes a creative approach, with vintage film shots and quirky illustrations mirroring the track’s artistic and experimental style.

Speaking of the single, Heath240 explains: "Chirp is me reimaging my surroundings and getting away from Boston. Leaving the people who talk about you from your small town and getting lost/immersed in the big city!"

Boston based musician Heath240 expresses all the highs and lows of his past within his music, juxtaposing his light-hearted delivery with darker lyrics. Heath was first introduced to Hip Hop through his dad playing Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter III’ between basketball practices, sparking his curiosity and exploration for the genre. Despite his young career as an artist, Heath has already accumulated significant successes, gaining support from Sleeping on Gems, Graduation Music, Sleepless Boston and The Museum TV, as well as gaining a nomination from the Boston Music Awards. The rising talent has also shared the stage with national artists including Quando Rondo and Nessly. Growing in popularity and building a loyal and established fan base, Heath’s future is looking seriously bright.

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