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"Honeymoon Eyes" is the gothic-disco dream from Freya Beer, featuring Tom Saint

If you're a spooky girl like me, you'll be rejoicing in these colder months with layers of chunky knits, sweeping coats and darker color palettes. It's a glorious time of year filled with tons of new music releases. Personally, I've been loving the new Taylor Swift album, it's so perfect for the season, but it's a little mellow, so for those times when you need something harder hitting, let me recommend Freya Beer's new single "Honeymoon Eyes". She's labelled this track as "gothic-disco" and it's really serving everything for fellow noir clad listeners. It's a subversive alt-pop banger with sensual vocal melodies from Freya Beer and featured artist Tom Saint. They passionately sing back-and-forth about the highs and lows of a toxic romance. "Honeymoon Eyes" is the epitome of the "live fast, die young" saying - it feels so good in the moment because you know it's temporary.

"My new single ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ featuring Tom Saint is the perfect introduction to my next musical journey which I like to call my ‘Gothic-Disco’. The song embodies a dreamy essence but still pays homage to my “gothic-noir” which I’ve carried in my music from the beginning. The subject of the song is about being with an individual which feels too good to be true and plays a part in forbidden love.”


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