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How Did They Meet? North-East band Sandra’s Wedding

Sandra's Wedding; a band from a town you've never heard of with songs they sincerely hope you will enjoy. Sandra's Wedding were formed in 2016 in Goole, East Yorkshire. The line up of Joe Hodgson (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jonny Hughes (lead guitar), Luke Harrison (drums) came together to record songs which became their debut album, Northern Powerhouse (2017). Corey Jones joined on bass as a temporary member and has since become a more permanent fixture.

When asked about how they all got together, drummer Luke comments: "Me and Joe had been playing in different bands in the same area for a while, never having really met. Ships in the night with no lighthouse in sight, it was only a matter of time before we collided. Jonny was introduced to Joe through a mutual friend but I'd best let him tell that as I don't really know the details.”

Joe explains: “A lass I knew is big into The Smiths and she found Jonny through Bebo and they were sort of virtual Smiths lovers” and Jonny elaborates: “We had a mutual friend who I tweeted with about music, who I ended up asking me to join them for a jam session. One of the people there also played with Joe, and roped me into playing with what would become Sandra's Wedding. I live in Castleford which is around 20 miles from Goole and got the bus there, met Joe at the station and then he drove us to a pub in a secluded village where we did a band practice. I'd never met him and genuinely thought I might get murdered.”

Watch the infectious video for ‘Lip Service’ here to get a taste for how the band perform live:

Sandra’s Wedding released their album ‘Frame Yourself’ last year and it truly is worth sinking your teeth into. This album is their second and follows on from 2017's ‘Northern Powerhouse’ and the 2018 EP 'Good Morning, Bad Blood.' You might not have heard of Goole, but this band are going places!

We encourage people to support the band and download via Bandcamp HERE

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