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"I Feel Fine" - Emily Laing

Following the release of her debut track “Hey, It’s You”, Emily Laing is back with her sophomore single “I Feel Fine”.

Continuing to write with her heart on her sleeve, “I Feel Fine” is filled with delicate brass instrumentation and jaunty piano melodies - building a rich sonic soundscape for Emily’s impassioned vocals to reside in. Rediscovering her self-worth and sense of identity, “it’s about how making a brave decision can lead to something much better”, Emily explains succinctly.

Finding a kinship with Scottish folklore, the young artist imbues her creations with a refreshing degree of sincerity and candour, embracing life's imperfections.

Drawing on life experiences to create her rich soundscape, "I Feel Fine" is a honest portrayal of self-discovery. Tune in.


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