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ICYMI: Tom Featherstone - Young

Based in Sheffield, Tom Featherstone dropped a newbie last month - titled Young. Gorgeous and glowing, Tom's work is packed with subtle licks of sax and swelling reverbs. Tom's vocal flicks between bellow and falsetto, broken and bold.

Tom's authenticity shines here and comes straight to the surface, whilst clever instrumentation paint the rest of the picture. The track could be placed with Damien Rice, David Gray, and even Bon Iver if he drank Yorkshire tea.

We caught up with Tom who discussed the Young:

“It's a song reflecting on all the added responsibility and expectation we start to throw on ourselves as we grow up realising that we're expecting so much more from ourselves than we do from others. A song allowing me to give myself a break, enjoy what's in front of me, not fixating on needing everything to work itself out yet in regards to career, relationships and all the other aspects of life we can get caught up on.”

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