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InHibit challenges Social Media hypocrisy in latest single 'Shadows of Fire'

Following in the footsteps of previous single "The Quest" which drew attention across blogs on the web, "Shadows of Fire" is the latest release from alternative rock-electro artist InHibit. An artist that's not afraid to cross genres through his music, InHibit's latest single showcases how he's one of the most challenging new acts to emerge from Europe. Lyrically, the track was inspired by a trip InHibit took to Vietnam where he saw at first hand the hypocrisy of social media posts affecting life.

"Shadows of Fire" leans, in terms of influence, to Duran Duran and Queen's 'Another One Bites the Dust'. Nudging towards a refreshing feel, there's a subtle fragrance of the 80s era within this track, giving the single a soft nostalgic vibe. Armed with ear-worm melodies, a dance-worthy bass line and elements of electronica, 'Shadows of Fire' is taken from InHibit's upcoming debut EP.

With over 256,000 views on the official music video, 'Shadows of Fire' demands your attention.


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