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InHibit's debut single 'The Quest' is still turning heads months after it's release

An introduction into the mind of InHibit, "The Quest" may have been released in 2020, but it's still turning heads every since it's drop. Unapologetic and armed with an alternative rock presence, InHibit's music is not for the faint. Based in Brussels, this Anglo-Belgian singer songwriter and composer takes on lyrical themes that refuse to be limited to one style. "The Quest' takes listeners through a journey of electronic rock mixed with a fierce alternative nature.

Already at over 450,000 views since it's release back in October, 'The Quest' details hiding behind a mask when really you just want to be true to yourself. With the visuals showcasing hypocritical reactions to scarification (which he is keen to point out is make up, and not real!), the track feels like it's standing up to haters and being 'human'.


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