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Introducing British songwriter Hugo M. Hardy with 'Trainspotting'

Continuing our thread of songs that line up perfect with the autumn season, we couldn't skip on Hugo M. Hardy's 'Trainspotting'. It's a riveting and cinematic listen which makes most of the steady, purposeful pace to drill down on the emotional intensity of Hardy's voice. The slightly graveled tone gives further weight to lines like "How it feels smoking and watching the sunset, and worry who'd think of me if I were dead."

As we learn directly from this London-based songwriter, "Trainspotting is a song about the nostalgic feeling of watching the people around me growing up, and feeling like the glory days are behind us. It’s quite self-reflective, and also hints towards me questioning whether I’ve made the right decisions, or whether I could be doing things better. I think it’s a feeling that lots of mid-20 people seem to be going through at the moment.”

There's certainly a magic in how Hardy takes these everyday anxieties and a universal experience like losing your youth, and turns it into something so poetical.

'Trainspotting' is a song we can all find ourselves in.


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