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Introducing Nicki Wells with calming debut single "Carry On"

I'm sent all kinds of music, sometimes it's a big party tune, a motivational track or a melancholic ballad, but I'm always surprised by the variety. With Nicki Well's debut single "Carry On", it's a soothing kind of organic music that feels like a warm velvet embrace. This made all the more sense when I learnt that Nicki wrote this song (and the rest of her upcoming debut album) during a lockdown in the covid-19 pandemic, so it's like an oasis of calm in the world's ongoing chaos. Even outside of the context of recent years, "Carry On" is the perfect song to gently usher us through the transition of the seasons, since the singer marvels at nature with its healing power. The Fall is about change after all. I was also struck by the cinematic beauty of the music video in which the artist is joined by two companions and anointed in cold before stepping into a lake. I can only imagine how chilly that water must have been, but Nicki is a vision of calm. The phrase "keep calm and carry on" comes to mind.


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