Introducing Revel Day and his powerful album ‘Paper Love’

Guiding us on a groovy and meaningful journey from start to finish, Revel Day’s ‘Paper Love’ is a rollercoaster of emotions - and we can’t get enough of it.

Revel’s vocals are irresistibly warm and smooth, reminiscent of John Legend’s charismatic flow - with an added spellbinding edge. Carrying a clever lyrical metaphor, the album’s introspective integrity shines alongside its uplifting and buoyant melodies.

Revel’s splendid project has attained over 915,000 streams since its publication, with his monthly Spotify listeners hitting over 35,000. With a sound that has the ability to provoke emotion, relate to the lonely, and heal the broken-hearted, Revel Day’s music is a breath of fresh air and really means something.

The singer-songwriter has refined his own style of pop and R&B, branded by Revel as ‘alternative-soul’. Impressively, the talent has had the opportunity to sing alongside some amazing talents, including Pharrell, Andy Grammer, and Stevie Wonder. With a rapidly growing fan base, Revel’s sound is making a big impression, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.