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Introducing The Horn with sultry, indie-rock romp 'Passion'

I must be doing something right because the music universe has been sending me all sorts of musical treats lately and that includes this garden-fresh debut from London indie-rockers The Horn. Their very first single 'Passion' is a rousing introduction to the five-piece band who recently got together on the initiative of Nick True, the band's bassist and songwriter whose stunning music career stretches all the way back to the 1980s when he was in a touring band called Friends of Gavin. Like so many bright stars, that band burned out before their time, but what's left behind is a unique perspective that's now distilled into the resurrected song 'Passion'. While I don't know what the original track from the then 26-year-old bassist would have sounded like, this modern day recording is a sultry, alternative rock romp through grinding guitars of Danny Monk, animated drums of Alex Moorse, reflexive bass of Nick True, bewitching keys of Ed Cox and a thespian frontman performance from Jonny Taylor. The band could have easily gone down the 80s nostalgia route, but instead they've created this invigorating intersection of indie-rock that presents the genre in its purest and most radio-ready form. It's also doesn't hurt that they recruited Rich Turvey, whose worked with Blossoms, Courteeners and The Coral, to mix 'Passion'. Check out the full track below and keep your eyes peeled for more from The Horn.


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