Issermann Drops First Video of Six

Issermann has built a reputation as an experimental creative that plays in the space

between alt-pop and alt-emo. He calls this amalgamation his very own ‘rock 2.0’.

Encapsulating the first year of the project, Issermann recently dropped his first album

Demons alongside an ambitious music video for its eponymous lead single. Now

Issermann is revealing 5 mini-videos over 5 weeks. Each piece will touch upon intricate

elements of Issermann’s personality that are heavily cemented in the Demons body of work.

Of the first piece, Isserman speaks honestly and openly, "Empty skies is about the desire that god could exist. It is an atheist’s cry for faith. Longing and wishing for faith’s confort without the ability to believe in it. In the wake of loss, a void is left craving, calling to be filled. The flaming sword has been a metaphor for god’s power and will on earth in many myths and legends (Excalibur, Attila’s Sword of God, Game of thrones, etc. ) ; A weapon carrying god’s “righteousness” through power and violence. As a concept, It is both powerful and terrifyingly ridiculous ; a perfect fun addition to the track narrative and exclusive acoustic rendition as part of the "Demons" Album release ..."