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Jade Moss - ‘A Guy Like You

Featuring a whirlwind of atmospheric melodies, ‘A Guy Like You’ is a sultry track that dramatically builds to create an otherworldly vibe that is guaranteed to entrance listeners. Adding a completely new vibe to Edwyn Collins’ hit ‘A Girl Like You’, Jade injects her fiery, power driven vocals and alluring neo-vintage style to create something seriously stand out.

Jade Moss is a fearless entrepreneur in the world of fashion and music where she creatively combines her distinctive retro style with her soulful R&B melodies, in hopes of capturing an essence of nostalgic glamour with a distinctive tie to modern music.

Speaking on ‘A Guy like You’, Jade explains: “I’m so proud of our new version of this Edwyn Collins' song. I love the strings arrangement and a dark twist it brings to the song.”


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