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Jade Moss returns with vintage pop anthem 'Hey Babe'

Already making her name as a fearless entrepreneur in the world of fashion and textures, Jade Moss steps firmly into the music industry with captivating new single 'Hey Babe'. Talking about true love in a shallow world, and about how meeting someone new can make things somewhat clearer when in a relationship, 'Hey Babe' fuses a vintage-pop soundscape and comes across as nostalgic yet authentic. Chatting about her music, Jade Moss states, "The music that I write is about my experiences with love, joy, strength and the importance of self-worth."

"Hey Babe" is influenced by other iconic women such as Etta James, Grace Jones and Lauryn Hill. A memorable experience that's fuelled with catchy melodies and stunning lyricism, Jade Moss' latest single is an elevating track suited for your playlist.


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