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Jakk'd and Friends Unleash the Ultimate Summer Anthem: "CHECK THIS OUT"

Los Angeles-based electronic DJ/Producer duo Jakk'd, alongside HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, and $on-$hine, have joined forces on their latest house anthem, "CHECK THIS OUT." Released on the dynamic SEARCHPRTY RECORDS label, this track arrives just in time for the summer season, providing the perfect energy boost for dance music enthusiasts worldwide. Taking inspiration from the resurgence of throwback sounds, characterized by catchy hooks and verses sampled over house music, this talented crew wasted no time capitalizing on the trend. Each artist infuses their unique production style into the mix, creating a captivating blend that captures the essence of the current wave. "CHECK THIS OUT" delivers the epitome of "hawd hittin' production," as HAWD HITTA aptly describes it. The vocals are skillfully chopped and placed over an upbeat rhythm, designed to captivate the global dance community and ignite their love for the genre. The track grooves along a strong bassline, sprinkled with an irresistible brass layer, culminating in a fake-out drop that is sure to have listeners breaking out their finest dance moves on the floor. Co-produced by Jakk'd, HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, and $on-$hine, "CHECK THIS OUT" is undeniably the anthem for this festival season, ready to set any stage ablaze.

While "CHECK THIS OUT" marks HAWD HITTA's first release since September, it's worth noting that he recently completed a successful US cross-country tour and is back for more. This time, Jakk'd, NoBueno, and $on-$hine will also be joining him for upcoming performances. NoBueno has been consistently releasing tracks, with several collaborations with Jakk'd dating back several years. Their friendship, which originated during their DJ/Producer days in Boston/New England, has continued to thrive as they conquered the scene before settling in Los Angeles. As for $on-$hine, his infectious energy entered the mix in 2022. Not only has the squad embraced him as a friend, but they have also recognized his musical background, which led to his inclusion in the production sessions. The collective efforts of this talented group came together during intense sessions in February and March, resulting in the release of their collaboration under the newly founded Los Angeles-based label, SEARCHPRTY RECORDS, created by Andrew Wunder (NoBueno) and Austin Diduch (HAWD HITTA).

"We wanted to collaborate with our friends and long-time companions as we embark on this new chapter of our Jakk'd project," says Max Dean of Jakk'd. VJay Seminiano of Jakk'd adds, "There is no better feeling than having a repertoire of music ready to go for 2023 and beyond with one of your best friends." Austin Diduch, also known as HAWD HITTA, expresses his gratitude, "I want to thank God for the opportunity to release tunes and make a 'hawd' impact on the music scene with some of my closest friends. We are all set to take the group to the next level with SEARCHPRTY RECORDS label. Exciting things are on the horizon for everyone involved, including massive collaborations, shows, and another tour later this year."

Andrew Wunder, aka NoBueno, shares his enthusiasm, saying, "I thought the track was something everyone could relate to and was thrilled to incorporate new techniques using Akai's flex-beat. I loved how the song encapsulated our unique and individual styles into one collaborative record: Jakk'd brought the bounce

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