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Jane fires back on powerful new single 'TREES'

Following on from the enormous success of her previously shared singles ‘MANCHILD’ and ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’ from recent months, which have seen the artist gather huge momentum on Spotify and beyond, New Yorker Jane now returns with her next breathtaking release ‘TREES’.

Lifted from her soon-to-be-announced debut EP, ‘TREES’ continues her bold and vibrant vision for tantalising electro-pop. Filled with a pulsing atmosphere, sweeping production, and her own instantly identifiable vocals at the helm, she creates a broad and soaring aesthetic that comes with a powerful message at its heart.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, Phew! It’s about time for a feel-good Jane track. This song is as much about hope as it is about taking a critical eye to the capitalist systems that control our everyday lives. The song came to me when I was reflecting on the idea of industrial growth. GDPs always aim to be higher than last year’s, people are always trying to get richer, cities are always sprawling out further. I get so frustrated with this “unbounded growth” mindset. Why aren’t we using more of what we have to reinvest in communities, support and protect what is already around us instead of constantly looking to the next big thing? I think a lot about the ways in which we need to listen to nature for guidance more, to protect it more. The image came to me of a tree growing through the pavement in the middle of New York City. The message of the song is basically: slow down, tune back in to what matters, don’t hurt yourself and others by over-doing it, live with gratitude for what we already have.”

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