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Jay Blanes Delivers A Slice Of Pop To Kick Off The Year

A sprightly slice of pop to kick off the year, Jay Blanes is setting his sights on success in his latest track ‘I’m Crazy’.

Blending a fun, synth-laden melody with funky fanfare and his soulful vocals, the London artist produces a peppy and upbeat single that is a welcoming addition to these cold, winter months. Self-produced and written and performed by Jay, he displays his incredible range of star quality talents with ease. Uniting the mood and the message of the song, he explains “I'm Crazy is a statement, a scream to the world, to let everybody know I don't care what they think about my choices. I will always keep going forward towards my dreams, despite the pain or hardship it may entail. I believe it will especially resonate with everyone who's far away from their hometown, fighting hard to fulfil their passions.”

From the beginning of his musical journey in 2012 when he started his YouTube channel, Jay has dedicated his time to becoming a professional in each of his artistic fields, even creating and directing the video accompaniments to his songs.

After the release of his EP ‘Fireworks’ last year, ‘I’m Crazy’ is set to catapult Jay Blanes into the spotlight that he deserves.

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