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Jaymie Deville shines on atmospheric new single 'Lonely'

Drawing on the success of his debut single ‘How Many Times’ last year, which earned heavy rotation on DJ Target’s BBC R1Xtra show, Jaymie Deville has returned this year with an arsenal of R&B-pop grenades.

So far in 2020, the Melbourne-hailing, Dubai-based singer has fired off the EP ‘True Love’ and three incredible singles, ‘For The Money’, ‘Rendezvous’, and ‘Nowhere Fast’, but now looks to bring us a more atmospheric and solemn direction with his latest offering ‘Lonely’.

Moving away from the more pulsing and club-ready releases of late, ‘Lonely’ looks to showcase more of the artist’s atmospheric side, as well as his stunning voice. Inspired by the likes of Jamie Woon and The Weeknd, the singer, songwriter and producer, working alongside co-producer Mohammad Rayan Bailouni, creates a dark and brooding aesthetic through a lens of sweeping RnB tones and delicate production.

Speaking of the track, Jaymie said,Lonely describes the metaphor between addiction and relationships. The high-highs and the comedowns. Really wanted to link the two desires into one with this track.”

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