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Jboi gives us retro empowerment with his new track ‘MY ATTIRE’

Jboi wastes no time in getting straight to the point with throwback drum machine sounds, chopped samples and addictive female vocal lines that ooze attitude and will have you grooving in no time. With a heavy bass and jumping fast pace, ‘MY ATTIRE’ will be spinning round in your head for days before you come back for more.

Talking about the new release, Jboi shares: “Capturing the essence of the 80's/90’s & teasing my upcoming EP 'Staccato Sounds', confident, sassy & playful female vocals weave between thick synth bass & 90’s planet rock 808s for an electro-breakdance/hip-hop-dance sound with a modern twist.”

Jboi has certainly hit the nail on the head with his dizzy strain of danceable beats, this is one to keep firmly on your radar.

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